C3 no.111 (1993 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Colony on Your Mother-Tongue _ Kim KyongSoo

Architecture & Criticism

− Taeduk Science Cultural Center _ Junglim Architect


Interview: Hightech and Lowtech··· _ Bang ChulLin + Lee YongJae

Criticism: Dramatic vs Theatral Emotions in Architecture _ Kim UkJoong

Recent Work

− The Case Study House _ Sigeru Ban

− A Factory at Hamura _ Sigeru Ban

− La Nave _ Lee HanShik

Special Feature: Succession of History and the Museum

General Theory on Museum:

The Museum-Its History and Practice _ Kang NaeHeui

Role of Museum in Contemporary Society _ Kim SeungHee

Overseas Museums:

Conservation of Cultural Property and Restoration _ Silvana Rotonda

The Architectural Development and the Changing Idea of European Museums _ Kim YongSeung

Museums in United States _ Choi MoonGyu


The Variation of Linear Space _ Lee KangHeon

Classics for Today

Reading Classics in Our Time

Lecture: For A Correct Understanding of Classical Architecture _ Han JaeSoo

Discussion: Reading Classic

Lecture: Culture and Art of Lower Class in Chosun Dynasty _ Yoo HongJoon

Architectural Awards

The 2nd Korean Architectural Culture Award

Criticism: Thoughts on Architectural Prize


’93 Korea Exhibition of Interior Design


Technology and Spaces of the Plywood Architecture <Final> _ Kim RanKy


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