C3 no.266 (2006 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

Apartment and Architects _ SangHun Lee

KyungKook Woo

Aesthetics of the Relational Phenomenon _ KyungKook Woo

Criticism netting of Phenomenon _ KilYong Park

BaikSookShil MuseumKeumSan Gallery

Three Sisters House

Kindergarten, Artvill

Women Training Center

ShinKwang Publishing Printing Co.

Quilt House


Beijing Capital museum _ AREP

Shanghai South Station _ AREP

C3 special

Rediscovery of Earth Architecture

Earth Architecture-Lost Spirit _ GuYon Chung

Earth Construction Festival Workshop

The Mechanism and Development of Earty _ HeyZoo Hwang

Le Festival Grains d’lsère _ GeunShik SHin


Architectural Policy in the Netherlands: A Culture of Creating Space _ ImSik Cho


International Master Plan Competition for the FIRST TOWN of the Multi-functional Administrative City, Korea


The Venice Biennale 10th International Architectural Exhibition 2006


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