C3 no.265 (2006 #9/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

GoSiWon and Residential Commercial Complex _ SangHun Lee


KyoMunSa _ MinAh Lee + Daniel Valle

Criticism  A Beautiful house with life and Landscape Cross-Encountering Each Other _ HyunSik Min

ParkSooKeun Village _ JongHo Yi

Ehrlich Residence _ John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects

L.A Design Center _ John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects

B.I.G.-Bjarke Ingels Group

Mountain Dwellings

Rèn Building in Shanghai

Vilnius WTC

Ski Resort

Escher Tower

The Battery

Hotel at Holbæk harbourfront

Holbæk Kasba


Create the Waterside City through the Regeneration of Waterfront Area _ JungHyung Lee

Public Design Color Marketing _ HyunSun Kim


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