C3 no.260 (2006 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architect’s Name _ SangHun Lee

SukYeon Yoo

Design Communication _ SukYeon Yoo

Interview Human and Process-Architectural Attitude for Today _ BongRyol Kim+SukYeon Yoo

Daum Global Media Center

Annex to GangSeo District Office & Day-Care Center

Housing Platform

Tokyo Sketch

Interface Scape I, II

Note on Architecture

The Fragmentary Thought of Our Urban Built Environment _ JungGoo Cho


Sunnie International _ MoonSung Kwon

Customer and Administration Building: Stuttgart _ Ditzingen, German _ Barkow Leibinger Architects

Production and Office Facility, Barr Switzerland _ Barkow Leibinger Architects


Implus Dental Clinic _ YoungHan Chung

Minos Clinic _ YoungHan Chung


The Planned Urban Regeneration for Factory _ Transferred Site on a Large Scale _ JungHyung Lee

Public Design Color Branding _ HyunSun Kim


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