C3 no.258 (2006 #2/12)
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Sooner or Later

Truth of Stem Cell Research or Science and Architectural _ SangHun Lee

JaeYong Lim

Reality-centered Substance _ JaeYong Lim

Interview Substance Entangled in a Network of Relation-Its Latent Resiliency and Tenseness _ JaeYong Lim+Hun Kim

Ascend-MukBangRi Residence

Void I-IlSan Residence 6

Void II-YongJongDo Residence

YeoCho KimEungHyun Calligraphy Art Museum

ChunCheon Animation stop motion Museum

SinSa 640-8

P Chapel

Note on Architecture

Presenting Reality _ SeungSoo Shin

HeeSoo Kwak

The Sence of KangNam and the New Type of Paradox _ HeeSoo Kwak

Dorothy Music


HakIl Water Museum


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