C3 no.257 (2006 #1/12)
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Sooner or Later

Programming and Design _ SangHun Lee

YoonGyoo Jang + UnSangDong

Making Cultural Gap-Gap in the Armor _ YoonGyoo Jang

Architecture and Gaze _ ChiWoon Ahn

Navigate Himself between Creativity and Interpretation _ WooIll Kim

Present _ YoungSim Roh

Changing Ruins to Hope _ SukHwa Yoon

Attraction of Skin _ HunSuk Seo

Yeh Gallery

Design Center of GwangJu

School of Architecture at SeoUl National University


Media Organ

GwangJu Asian Culture Complex

Expansion and Remodeling of the SeoUl City Hall Building

Multi lecture Center at University of SeoUl

Head Office of Evervill

Gallery of Camellia Hill

Restaurant at PaJu

Eco-Housing I

Eco-Housing II

2012 Paris Olympic Memorial

Wall Garden

ChiChi Earthquake Memorial

Korea Town

Note on Architecture

Planning Imagination _ SeungSoo Shin


International Project Competition for GwangJu Asian Culture Complex


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