C3 no.318 (2011 #2/12)


Beyond Bigness _ Michele Stramezzi

− Guangzhou Opera House _ Zaha Hadid Architects

− Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters _ Morphosis

− Sun Moon Lake _ Norihiko Dan & Associates

Dwell How; Voluntary Submission

Voluntary Submission _ Michele Stramezzi

− Holiday Home in Vals _ SeARCH + Christian Muller Architects

− Extension of a barn in Pyrenees _ Puig Pujol Architectures

− Suncrest Residence _ Heliotrope Architects

− Summer House in Vestfold _ Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL

Urban How; New Public Realm

The Challenge of the New Public Realm _ Silvio Carta

Public; Urban Public Facility

Public Spaces; The Shape of Things to Come _ Simone Corda

− Public Car Park and Sports Hall in Dubrovnik _ Ivanišin. Kabashi. Arhitekti

− Youth Art Center in Leon _ Estudio SIC

− Lilas’ Pavilion & Bus Stop in Paris _ Matthieu Gelin & David Lafon

− Terraces Pavilion in Roosendaal _ Rene van Zuuk Architekten

Public; Sports Facility for My Own Village

Nenikekamen we have won – about Constrained Geometry _ Diego Terna

− Eichi Center Multifunctional Sports Halls in Niederglatt _ L3P Architekten

− Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud _ KOZ Architectes

− Monte Carmelo Sports Center in Madrid _ Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

− Coliseums for the IX South American Games _ Plan:b Architects + Mazzanti Architects

− Aquatic Center for the IX South American Games _ Paisajes Emergentes

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