C3 no.408 (2020 #4/6)

Tourism, Architecture and New Normality _ Fabrizio Leoni

New Projects
A dilapidated Bavarian farmhouse is refurbished to continue its narrative as a contemplative space
Schedlberg, Contemplation House _ Peter Haimerl . Architektur
Cultural facilities and housing units in Barcelona converted from an old industrial building
Fabra & Coats _ Roldán + Berengué, arquitectes
British school unconventionally combining sports and science departments in a linear volume
Brighton College Sports and Science Building _ OMA / Ellen van Loon

Defending Density
Defending Density in the Year of Social Distancing _ Richard Ingersoll
S-shaped residential building with four different layers responds to the Milan urban context
Carlo Erba Residence _ Eisenman Architects + Degli Esposti Architetti + AZstudio
New loft apartments in Rotterdam atop a historical quay warehouse interlayered with gigantic steel structure
Fenix I _ Mei architects and planners
Monolithic concrete residentials accompanied by a cohesive repertoire of surfaces in north-eastern Nantes
Bottière Chénaie Housing Complex _ KAAN Architecten
A new residential complex designed to engage the community on the former brewery site in Brooklyn
Denizen Bushwick _ ODA

Kindergarten; Being Flexible, Being Safe
Being Flexible, Being Safe _ Paula Melâneo
Tent-like concrete space for kids with public underground car park in the northern Swiss town of Würenlingen
Kindergarten Würenlingen _ Malte Kloes Architekten + Estrada Reichen Architekten
A nursery and community center in Cambridge characterized by patterned brickwork and sheltered courtyard
Storey’s Field Center and Eddington Nursery _ MUMA
A kindergarten belonging to a Parisian social housing reveals its materiality with wooden structure
O6A Lot Kindergarten _ sam Architecture + Querkraft
Japanese kindergarten with bubble-like plan provides wide visibility of the children’s instinctive movements
MUKU Nursery _ Tezuka Architects

“Be Water, my friend”
“Be Water, my friend” _ Diego Terna
A pool with a gabion walled rectilinear building in the Canadian civic park involves an eco-filtration process
Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool _ gh3* architecture
A water park near Paris defined by transparent and geometric dome with walkable winding paths
Water Park Aqualagon _ Ferrier Marchetti Studio
Tetrahedral volumes of roof covering Slovenian wellness complex are harmonized with the surroundings
Termalija Family Wellness _ ENOTA

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