Since its first edition in 1984, C3 has explored innovative architecture which generates harmony between land, time and humanity. Presenting the most outstanding works of architecture, urban design and landscape from around the world, C3 offers innovative and progressive ideas alongside analytical, forward-thinking critiques on architecture and urbanism. 

Our renewed website, www.c3magazine.net, gives all the necessary details of each C3 magazine issue, books published by C3, and runs the C3 online store.
C3DIZ www.c3diz.net and C3KOREA www.c3korea.net are linked. 

C3DIZ  www.c3diz.net
C3DIZ showcases important architectural works and up-to-date news in English and Korean, carefully selected from the huge range of information available worldwide.

C3KOREA  www.c3korea.net
C3KOREA is the online platform for Korean architecture. From a sea of information, we carefully curate and report on Korean domestic works and architectural news.
Projects are published bilingually in Korean and English.

JaeHong Lee  Publisher
Uje Lee  Editorial Director
YuMi Hyun  Managing Editor
HyoJin Jeon  Associate Editor

JeongRan Park  Assistant Editor
YilGui Yoo  Art Director

HyeJeong Jeon  Assistant Designer

EunJin Byeon  Intern

Silvio Carta  Editor-at-Large

Herbert Wright  Senior Contributing Editor

Michèle Woodger  Contributing Editor

HyeJung Hwang  Korean Copy Editor
JongHa Kim  Translator
EunWoo Kwak  Translator 

Editorial Board, Korean Architecture

Mannyoung Chung  Chief

Young Cheol Kim

Insung Kim

Hyon-Sob Kim

Geonsoo Shin

John Hong

Myung Seok Hyun

Correspondents and Contributors
Alejandro Hernandez Galvez Mexico City
Alison Killing London

Ana Souto  London

Angelos Psilopoulos  Athens
Anna Roos  Bern
Davide Pisu Sardinia
Diego Terna Milan

Douglas Murphy  London
Fabrizio Aimar Tirana
Fabrizio Leoni Milan
Francesco Zuddas London
Gihan Karunaratne Colombo
Heidi Saarinen London
Isabel Potworowski Delft
Jaap Dawson Delft

Nina Rappaport  New York
Nelson Mota Delft
Olga Sezneva Amsterdam
Per Ritzler Oslo
Phil Roberts Montreal