C3 no.411 (2021 #1/6)

Calling the ‘Variable Man’ _ Adrian Friend

New Projects
Contemplations in a Mountainous Arboretum
Bugye Arboretum ‘Sayuwon’ _ Seung H-Sang
Alone and Together: Sayuwon and the Architecture of Seung H-Sang _ Hyungmin Pai

Hedonistic Utilitarianism
Hedonistic Utilitarianism: Rethinking the Architecture of Public Amenities _ Nelson Mota
Skiing and power generation combine in a landmark hybrid structure
CopenHill _ BIG
Sculptured public space floats above water purification infrastructure
Pingshan Terrace _ NODE Architecture & Urbanism
A water treatment plant is embedded in the landscape
Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant _ Henning Larsen
An organic building reveals the inner life of water purification
Muttenz Water Purification Plant _ Oppenheim Architecture

The Palimpsest Effect
The Palimpsest Effect _ Richard Ingersoll
Historic urban fabric informs an abstracted museum extension
Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture _ Francesa Torzo Architetto
Interview _ Francesa Torzo + Herbert Wright
Ruins, ancient facades and new wings form an office complex
Jacoby Studios _ David Chipperfield Architects
A monolithic museum separates rail lines and new public space
Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts _ Barozzi Veiga
Functional logic generates a complex form in a school expansion
School Annex and Housing, Cologne – Lindenthal _ LRO Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei Architekten

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