C3 no.116 (1994 #4/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

Center for Korean Architecture _ Kim KyongSoo


Main Building of Kwangju Bank _ Min KyungSik

New Shanghai International Center _ Samwoo Architects & Engineers

Recent Work

− Auto Gallery _ Kim SangGil

− Taihan Textile Building _ Kimm JongSoung

− Kongduk Building _ Kimm JongSoung

− Isu Chemical Building _ Aum Ung


Something for Better Air _ Kim WooSeong

KA Special

Nine Ways, Nine Houses


− Residence in Okryun-dong _ Song KwangSeop

Interview: Dwelling with the Nature _ Song KwangSeop + Shin HyeKyung

− Residence in Namhan Sansung _ Ryu ChoonSoo

− Residence in Hanam-si _ Ryu ChoonSoo

Interview: Modern Reproduction of the Tradition _ Ryu ChoonSoo + Shin HyeKyung

− Weekend House in Toichon _ Kim DongHwi

Interview: Moderated Negativism _ Kim DongHwi + Shin HyeKyung

− Y’s Residence in Kwangju _ Han JinSu

Interview: Space by Human Scale _ Han JinSu + Shin HyeKyung

− L’s Residence in Pyungchang-dong _ Hur BymPall

Interview: Vessel for Life _ Hur BumPall + Shin HyeKyung


Residence in Yongin _ Hur BumPall

Weekend House in Chung-ahn _ Kim DongHwi

L’s Residence in Anahm-dong _ Choi SeungWon

Criticism: Approaches to Daily Life _ Shin HyeKyung

Serial: German Contemporary Architecture and it’s Lineage <Final>

Post-Taboo Symptoms for an Opportunity in German Architecture in 1990’s _ Lee EunYoung


Korea Telecom Pusan Data Communication Center

Criticism: Competition in Korea and Korea Telecom Pusan Data Community Center _ Lee HeeBong


Architectural Exhibition, Osaka University of Arts

Kyunghyang Housing Fair ’94


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