C3 no.114 (1994 #2/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Universe within Myself _ Kim KyongSoo

Recent Work

− Whanki Museum _ Woo KyuSung

Criticism: Featuring Space and Light _ Kang Hyuk

− The Sister’s Convent of Korean Martyrs _ Kim Won

− Somang Retreat Center _ Choi DongKyu

− X-plus Building _ Cho KunYoung


UR, Just a Change or a Reformation _ Kang KangCheol

Our Attitude against UR _ Han DongHoon

UR and Architectural Education in Korea _ Jun YoungIll

Architect & Projects

Upon the Track of The Historical Wheels

Six Projects by Kim SeokCheol

Architect’s Philosophy: miscellaneous Notes on Architecture _ Kim SeokCheol


Resort Complex of the Moving Image, Cheju

Seoul Design Center _ Hansem Tower

Multi-Family Housing, Bundang

SBS Drama Studio, Tanhyun

Korean National Institute of Arts

Korean Pavilion of the Venice Biennale

Criticism: Refining of the Language _ Kim Uk

Serial: German Contemporary Architecture and It’s Lineage <Part I>

Post – Unification Architecture; Furnace of Architectural Debate _ Lee EunYoung


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