C3 no.113 (1994 #1/12)
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Sooner or Later

Seoul Biennale _ Kim KyongSoo

Recent Work

− Mr. Oh’s Atelier _ Choi SeungWon

Criticism: Spout from the Memory and Daily Life _ Seong InSoo

− Seoul Metropolitan Transship Rapid Main Control Building _ Kunwon International Inc.

Architect & Projects

Escape From Limited Space – Five Projects by Kim KwanSeok


− Chunkwan Temple

− Mr. Min’s House with Gallery

− Worak National Park Royal Wharf Pavilion

− Korea Theological Study Institute

− S Enterprise Training Center·Exhibition·Lecture hall

Criticism: Liberality in Form and It’s Reality _ Park Soon Kwan

Mirror of Extra Vagance – Five Projects by A·MA

Architect’s Philosophy: Incompletable Works _ Jeagal Youp


Intermediate Zone

Vertical View

Languid Celerity

Architect’s Philosophy: Infinite Space in a Pocket _ Thomas Hand


Hydratomy Watercut

Sap Fire Radius

Discussion: Wandering Beyond Limits _ Jeagal Youp + Thomas Han + Kim JunSeong


Reading the World _ Jeon BongHee


Seoul Contemporary ’93 _ Kim KyoungSoo

New Model for Environment Art in Seoul _ Jung KiYong


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