C3 no.112 (1993 #12/12)
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Sooner or Later

‘Presto’ and ‘Piano’ _ Kim KyongSoo

Recent Work

− Cheondo Agricultural Museum _ Oh KiSoo

− Konjiam Country Club _ Lee ChoongUn

− Museum of Seoul National University _ Kim JongSoung

Criticism: Light, Contrast and Variation _ Yun HeeCheol

− National Federation of Fisheries Cooperation _ Kwangjang Architects + Kim Won

− Cheonbuk Bank Head Office


Rethinking on Koreanity _ Kim BongRyeol

Poem and Architecture _ Byun TaeHo

Architect & Project

Systematization of Space and Presentation of Form

Architect’s Philosophy: Phenomena·Reconstruction·Visualization _ Yu Kun


Project A

Project B

Project C

Project D

Project E

Project F

Project G

Criticism: Naked Masque _ Jang LeemJong

Special Feature: Succession of History and the Museum <Part II>

Design Method

Succession of History and the Museum in the New Century _ Kim JongSoung

Methodology of Museum Architecture for the 21st Century _ Lee HanKi

Existing Museums

Transcendental Cognition for Rearrangement _ Park KilRyong

Location of Museum for General Public _ Yoon JaeWon


Proposals for New National Museum _ Yoon JaeWon + Kim JongSoung + Seo SangWoo


The 12th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture

Interview: Representation of the Past _ Lee ChoongHun + Park SoonKwan


Diagnosis on Korean Contemporary Architecture

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