C3 no.110 (1993 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Great Turning Point, 1993 _ Kim KyongSoo

Recent Work

Hyochadong Sarangbang _ Chung GiYong

Architect & Criticism

Lyricism in Implicative Space – Recent Works and Projects by Choi DuNam

Architect’s Philosophy: Toward an Architecture of Substance and Gravity _ Choi DuNam

Open Air Museum

Main Gallery, Art Hall I, II



Guest House

Art Center

− Ana Gallery

− Seochodong House

− R.F.B House

− Cheju House

− Suseodong House

− Saekang Building

− Drawing, Painting, Engraving

Criticism: Multi-Level Experience in Moving and Still Architecture _ Kim JinAi

Special Feature: Some Fruit from a Desert-Structures and Details in Expo Architecture

− POSCO Pavilion _ Cho ChounSeong + Park KyongSoo

− Recycle Pavilion _ MyungJin Forging Industrial Ltd.

− Sunkyong Imagination Pavilion _ Hong SoonJo

− Technopia Pavilion _ Cho JaeWon + Yoo JaeYong

− Theme Pavilion _ Shin EonHark

− International Pavilion(Section A) _ Choi KwanYong + Cheong Dong Myeong

Overview: Failure in Splendor, But···


Korea Mobile Telecom, Pundang Branch


The 6th Korea International CAD·CAM & Graphics Exhibition ’93


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