C3 no.108 (1993 #8/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

The Name of Architect _ Kim KyongSoo

Recent Works

− Administrative Bd., Ewha Women’s University _ Junglim Architect

− Pachiko Museum

− Bangbae-dong USSO Building, Pyongchang-dong Building _Chio JongIn + Sim JaeDeok + Lee PhilHoon

Special Feature: Grope for Absolute Line

Architect’s Philosophy: Free from the Cliché _ Lim JaeYong


− In and Out House

− Lee Residence

− Geometric Addition I, II, III

− Yucaipa Retail Building

− Urban Dynamics

− The Four Unit Apartment

− A Center for Civic Activity in the Town of Blacksburg Competition

− Affordable Living Building a City of Neighbors

− Embarcaderd Waterfront Competition

Interview: Grope for Absolute Line


Korean Traditional Architecture and Overseas Contemporary Architecture

Rem Koolhaas _ Kang Hyeok

Bernard Tschumi _ Chung GiYoung

Toyo Ito _ Choi MoonGyu

Architectural Design Camp

For New Breakthrough in Regional

Taejeon Architectural Design Camp

Kwangju Junnam Architectural Design Camp

Choongbuk Architectural Design Camp


Experiencing Splendid China <Final> – Urban and Architectural Practice _ Kim JinAi

Space and Technology of the Plywood Architecture <Part IV> _ Kim RanKy


Euijungboo Art Center

Damyang Bamboo Craft Conservation Complex


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