C3 no.107 (1993 #7/12)
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Sooner or Later

After a Study Abroad _ Kim KyoungSoo


Nara Convention Hall _ Kim JongGyu + Florian Beigel Architects

Tradition Village Proposal _ Kim Won

Recent Architecture

− M Building _ Itami Jun

− Dong-A Life insurance _ JungLim Architects

Special Feature: Out of the Fetters of Old Conventions

I Architectural Culture and Design Competition _ Kim YongSub

II Prototype of Government Office Buildings and Design Competitionsince 1945 _ Kil SeongHo

III Realization of the Tokyo Metropolitan office _ Choi MoonGyu

Toronto City Hall and Missisauga City Hall _ Song SungJin

IV Approach for City Hall Design _ Chung HanSoo

V Seoul City Hall Design Competition _ Kim JinKyoon, For a Magnificent City Hall _ Choi DongKyu, Happy Competition _ Kim WooSung, Proposal for a Competition Cord _ Kim JungChul, Fundamentals to New City Hall _ Lee JungDuk, For the Future City Hall _ Lee JeongKeun, New City Hall for 600 year old Capital _ Kim ChangSoo

VI Society and Architecture _ Chung GiYong

VII Seoul City Hall Proposal, 1975 _ Kim SooKun

Overseas Architecture

Harry Wolf

− Nationsbank Tower

Humanism Architecture _ Spyros Amourgis

− 747 Tower

Geometric Schema _ Carol McMichael Reese

− Hotel Du Department

Divine Order and Geometric Cohesion _ Phillipe Barrier, New Modernism _ Carol McMchael Reese

− Mecklenburg Country Courthouse

− Kansai International Airport Proposal

Airport as a Architectural Type _ Kenneth Frampton

Criticism: Architecture of Silence and Temperance _ Cho Byungsoo


Space and Technology of the Wood Architecture <Part III> _ Kim RanKy


Inchon Terminal

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