C3 no.105 (1993 #5/12)
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Sooner or Later

Learning from the Classics _ Kim KyongSoo

Recent Architecture

− Kwang Reung Plant Garden _ Kim HongSik

− Tour Center _ Kim KeeWoung

− GyeWon School of Art and Design _ Chung GiYoung

− ‘K’ Bowling Center _ Chang HaiChul + Seoul Forum

Architecture Academy: Korean Traditional Architecture and Overseas Contemporary Architecture <Part I>

Introduction to Categorized Traditional Architecture-Housing _ Han JaeSu

Methodological Approach to Traditional Housing Design _ Jang SoonYong

Temple, Hae Ihn Sa _ Lee SangHae


Dong Yang Cement Corporation Headquarters

Rapid Transit, Chunahn Station Complex

Olimpic Memorial Hall

Hallelujah Church

Pusan City Museum of Art


Space and Technology of The Wood Architecture _ Kim RanKy


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