C3 no.103 (1993 #3/12)
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Sooner or Later

Brutal Realists Vs. Urbane Formalists _ Kim KyongSoo

A&E Special

Seoul Opera House _ Kim SeokChul

Acoustic Design Review _ R. Harris

An Evaluation of Acoustic Performance in Opera House _ Lee SangWoo + Yoo HoChun + Jang JaeHee

World Art Centers _ Kim SeokChul

Interview: Open Space in Seoul _ Kim SeokChul + Kim KyongSoo

Architect & Criticism

Architect Kim JunSaung

Article: Sources and Presentation at Designing _ Kim JunSaung


− Centrifugal Church

− Tornado House

− Itakura Residence


Twin Bar

Huan-dong Residence

Tokyo Clinic

Summer House Izu


Criticism: Architect in Challenge _ Lee SangHae

Works & Criticism

Ewha Womens’ University Liberal Arts Building _ Junglim Architects & Engineers

Criticism: Pros and Cons As one of the Series _ Kim MonDuck


Great but Trite _ Kim HongSik

Architectural Academy

Trands of Korean Architecture in the 90’s <Part I>


Hymn for a Ruining Lyricism in Cheju


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