C3 no.101 (1993 #1/12)
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Sooner or Later

Homeage to the Ancient Crete _ Kim KyongSoo

A&E Special

Echoes of an Era – 4.3 Group Architectural Exhibition

Essay: Afternote _ Kim InCheurl


− Recurrence and Ecdysis _ Kwak JaeHwan

− Bridge for us _ Kim ByungYoon

− Heaven wards _ Kim InCheurl

− Wave _ Do Gang

− Formulation of Symbolic System _ Dong JungKuen

− Vacating _ Min HyunSik

− Different Sequence _ Bang ChulLin

− Sensitivity of God _ Baik MoonKi

− The Beauty of Poverty _ Seung HSang

− Relation Paragraph _ Woo KyoungKook

− House as a Statue _ Lee SungKwan

− Sacred and Profane in Architecture _ E IlHoon

− Fine Architecture _ Lee JongSang

− Townscape _ Joh Sungyong


Criticism: Where they Stand _ Seong InSoo

International Design Competition

The New Seoul Metropolitan Airport Passenger Terminal

Grand Prize: BHJW Consortium McClier(U.S.A), C.W. Fentress(U.S.A)

Second Prize: Archiplan Inc., Shinhan Co., ADP(France)

Entry Works

Kunwon Planners, Baro Architects, Bums & McDonnel(U.S.A), SCOTT(Canada)

Chanjo Co., SOM(U.S.A), OAP(U.S.A)

Sunjin Co., Fluor Daniel(U.S.A), Leol A Daly(U.S.A)

Samwoo Co., Perkins & Will(U.S.A), TRA(U.S.A)

Ilkun Design Group, Woo bo Eng, KBJ Architects(U.S.A), Louis Berger(U.S.A)

Kansam Co., Yoosin Architects, Nikken Sekkei Led.(Japan)

Jungil Co., DMJM(U.S.A), TCI(U.S.A)


The 11th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture

Discussion: Review of Architecture Exhibition ’93 by Three Theoreticians

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