C3 no.99 (1992 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

A Return to the First Principle _ Kim KyongSoo


Evaluation Criteria for Architecture _ Lee HoChin


South Marine Station of Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute _ Ryu ChoonSoo

4068 _ Choo DaKahn

College _ Kim InCheol

Seongnam General Welfare Center for Youth _ Lee PhillHun

Kyonggi Suweon Bank Building _ Lee YoungHee + Min ByungHoon


− Manchunjae _ Kim KiSeok

Overseas Architecture

Neo-Primitivism and Jun Itami

Architect’s Statement: A Time with no Movement _ Jun Itami

Works: S Tone Church, Served Tower, Izu Guest House, Block West, Block East, Block Another


Admiration of an Architect _ Shigeru Ban

The Spiritual Abstract of an Artist _ Park SoonKwan

Recent Works

Hanssem Sihwa Plant _ Kim SeokChul

Anyang City Library _ Cho DongYoung

Architect & Projects

Utopia in Real World : Five Projects by Kim JunSaung

Architect’s Statement: Where I Stand _ Kim JunSaung

Projects: Centrifugal Church, Tornado House, BangBae Gallery, Sanctuary Drum, Itakura Residence

Interview: Utopia in Real World _ Kim JunSaung + Park SoonKwan


Townscape and Urban Tradition in North America _ Kim SunBeom



Kangleung Terminal

Korean Gas Safty Building

Dongkook Academic Culture Center


Korean Dwelling Culture, 1960-90

The 1st Architectural Culture Award

The 3rd Passive Solar Design Competition

Architectural Exhibition, Myoungji University

’92 Kyonghyang Housing Fair in Pusan

Interview: Richard Meier


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