C3 no.97 (1992 #9/12)
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A&E Special

Another Begining

Accommodation _ Kim JungChul

Crude but Solid _ Yoon SeungJoong

Capability and Responsibility _ Kim SeokChul

A Forum for Architectural Idea and Criticism _ Son HakSik

To All A&E Own Special _ Chung SiChoon

A Performance of Criticism _ Choi ChoonWhan


Zen Buddhist’s Social Welfare Center _ Hwang IlIn

Kwacheon Woojeong Hospital _ Suh SeokJong + Min YoungHo


− J-Residence & Gallery _ Kim YoungSub

Architecture & Criticism

− Yoo Kwan Soon Memorial Center _ Kim HongSik

Criticism: Memory of A Patriotic Martyr _ Kim HongSik

− Woowon Design Building _ Dong Jeongkeun + Lee ChangKeun

Criticism: A Solution Chase in the System of Symbols _ Kim ByungYoon

− Pyeon-dong Catholic Church _ Seoung HyoSang

Criticism: Transformation and Ordering in Womb Space _ Song YongHo

Recent Works

− Pine Hill, Kwangmyung Branch _ Cho SungYul

− Il Dong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. _ Kim ChoonWoong

Overseas Architecture

− Gotthard Bank, Lugano _ Mario Botta

− Residential and Office Building Via Ciani – Lugano _ Mario Botta

Voyage to the Tradition

− Haeinsa _ Yang YoonSik

− Lecture: Of Our Own _ Paek NakCheong


Urban Reform and New Towns in Japan _ Kim SunBeom


Harmonism and Space in Korean Architecture _ Lee BaeHwa

Architecture & Theory

Paradigm in Architecture and Alexander’s Way of Design _ Jin KyongDon



Suwon Agricultural Public Official Training Center

Kyongju Indoor Gymnasium

Pucheon City Hall


1992 Art Academy, Space Group of Korea


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