C3 no.93 (1992 #5/12)
Sold out


Rumination on the Architecture _ Shin YoungHoon


New Seoul Building Renovation _ Bae ByungKil

Woowon Design Building _ Dong JeongKeun + Lee ChangKeun

Bundang Sporex _ Park YoungKeun

Seonglak Church Education Center _ Hahm InSun

Hyunjung Building _ Lee KwangBai + Lee SangIm


− Seochodong Residence _ Song KwangSub

− Jakockdong Residence _ Do Gak

Architect & Project

Application in the Real World: Eight Projects by ChangJo Corporation

Searching for Lost Sentiment _ Yoo TaeYong

− Ceramic Development Corporation, Yongsan, Seoul

− Obyan Resort Complex

− Joeten Mixed Development

− EXPO'92 Korea Pavilion, Seville, Spain

− '93 Daejeon EXPO Pavilion

− Poi-dong Y Building

− Kunpo, Sanbon Urban Culture Center

− Master Plan for the Seoul Institute Arts, Ansan

Round Table Talk: Application in the Real World _ Cho JaiWon + Yoo TaeYong + Seong InSoo

Works & Criticism

− Duson Design Plaza _ Son HakSik

− Connecting Method _ Kim TaeHyun

Small & Medium

− Doosan Research Institute _ Lee KyuChang

− Halim Grace Condominium _ Park ChanJung

− Kangreung Culture & Art Center _ Kwak EunYoung

− Jean Art Gallery _ Choi ByungCheol



Kunpo, Sanbon Urban Culture Center

Daejeon EXPO International Center

The Exhibition of Korea Architecture1992

The Exhibition of Interior Design


Urban Design in Germany


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