C3 no.91 (1992 #3/12)
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Coping with the New Era _ Lee YongHeum


Yusung Dong-a Officetel _ Ryu ChoonSoo

Laboratory, Seoul City University _ Lee SungKwan

Buddhist Museum _ Bae ByungKil

Yulsaeng-ri Residence _ Bae ByungKil


− Kemnam-ri Residence _ Jeon TaeJin + Oh JangHeung


For the More Debate! _ Jung GiChul

Special Feature

− Kyonggi Bank Head Office _ Junglim Architects & Engineers

Interview: Building and Monument as a Landmark _ Kim JungChul + Lee HyungJae _ Seong IhnSoo

Stand Tall toward the Future _ Dong JungGeun

An Overture for Variation _ Seong InnSoo

Architecture & Theory

Meaning and Place in ARchitecture _ Jin KyoungDon

Small & Medium

− Shinsung Shopping Tower _ Lee GwangBae + Chun HuiIl + Lee SangIm

− Dormitory, Sangmyung Univ. Chunahn Campus _ Kim KiSeok

− K.E.P Co. Jinchun District _ Kim KeeWoung

I.F.Y.A Forum

Spring of Argentina _ Seong IhnSoo


Chinese Traditional Architecture (Part VIII) _ Kim WangJik

Architecture & CAD

CADPOWER V5.0 _ Lee SeokHo


Competition: The Seoul Metropolitan Development Corp. Building

Lecture: The Architecture of Le Corbusier

Round Table Talk: Kim Nikolai Nikolaecich


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