C3 no.90 (1992 #2/12)
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For the Sake of our Own _ Ahn ByungUi


Windmill Square _ Kim IhnCheol

Voyage _ Lee HanSik

Sungdong Resident’s Sports Complex _ Kim KeeWoung

Jung-dong J Building _ Kim MoonDeuk


− Seochodong Residence _ Shim YoungSub


What Post Modernism allow us _ Lee SangHyun

Special Feature: The Biennale of Venezia & World Architecture Today (III)

The 5th International Exhibition of Architecture

Italian Contemporary Architecture and The Biennale of Venezia _ Son Jin

Review of the Biennale of Venezia _ Lecture by Francesco Dal Co

The Fruitful Darkness of the Occident (Conversation with Francesco Dal Co) _ Francesco Dal Co + Yoo MyungKyu

Works & Criticism

− MBC Human Resources Development Center _ Kim KeeWoung

Architecture in the Nature _ Park MinCheol

Architect & Projects

Lyrical Expression of Today’s Reality Six Projects by Do Gag

Article: The Edge of Vulgarized Architecture _ Do Gag

Sik Projects by Do Gag

Interview: Lyrical Expression of Today’s Reality _ Do Gag + Park SoonKwan

Small & Medium

− Dong San Church _ Kim MooEon

− Ipo Golf Clubhouse _ Ahn JunSoo


Modern Church ARchitecture in Europe (Part VI) _ Kim JungShin

Chinese Traditional Architecture (Part VII) _ Kim WangJik



The building of Korea Fidelity & Security Co.

TaeKu Subway General office

Kangreung City Hall

Incheon Sport Complex

Mokkunwe: Round Table Talk

Architecture CAD ’92 Fair


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