C3 no.89 (1992 #1/12)
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Honesty and Sincerity _ Seo BoKwang


− House at Seoamri _ Bae Byung Kil

Works & Criticism

− Hankyoreh Daily _ Zo KunYung

Hankyoreh Daily and Architect Zo, KunYung _ Kim MoonDeuk

Special Feature: The Biennale of Venezia & World Architecture Today (II) – The 5th International Exhibition of Architecture

The International Competition of Palace of Cinema of Lido at Venezia _ M·Ludovica Delendi

The International Competition of The Port of Venezia

Venezia Prize – Through the Looking Glass _ Cesare Battelli + Emanuela Not

Architect & Projects

Three Projects presently under Construction _ Kim SeokChul

Hanssem Sihwa Plant

Cheju Cinema Museum

Bangbae Villa

Small & Medium

− Clubhouse Club 700 _ Choi TaeHwan

− Mapo-ro Office Building _ Eon Ung + SAC. International LTD.


Trend’s Perspectives of Construction Industry – Building Industrialization Technology for the International Market _ Park GeonSoo

Architecture & Theory

Capability of Worth – Estimative Access in Architecture _ Kim SeonMun


Modern Church Architecture in Europe (Part V) _ Kim JungShin

Chinese Traditional Architecture (Part VI) _ Kim WangJik


Changcheon-dong Building _ Han HyunHo

Woolim Sports Center _ Kim TaeSik



The Third Government Office Building

Competition Review _ Seong InSoo

Pusan City Hall

The 2nd Solar Housing


’91 Keum Woo Hwe Architecture Drawing


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