C3 no.84 (1991 #8/12)
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No More Deteriorating… _ Kim JoongSup


− Kyedong Traditional Housing Renovation _ Kim YoungSub


Shifting Panorama of Moscow and Leningrad _ Choi YoungJip

Works & Criticism

− Byucksan 125 _ Late, Kim SwooGeun

The Meaning of Urban-Architecture in Byucksan 125 _ Lee HanKee


Architecture as a Popular Culture-Post-Modern Syndrome _ Jung TaeYoung

Special Feature: Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) Taeduk Science Town

− Faculty Hall, Student’s Hall, Mechanical Engineering Building, Natural Science Building, Natural Science Building, Electric-Electron & Computer Science Building, Industrial Management Building, Educational Research Support Building <Junglim Architects & Engineers>

− Library, Administration Building Genetic Engineering Center, Genetic Support Building, Main Gate <Buhm Architects Engineers Consultants>

− System Engineering Research Institute <Architecture & Environment Design Group>

− Dormitory <Archiban Architects Group, Ltd.>

Round Table Talk: Full of Uninvited Intervention

Architecture and Theory

Korean Modern Architects From the Historical Point of View by Spiro Kostof _ Kim WookSung

Small & Medium

− Bulkhead _ Kim InChul + Han YoungJae

− Contempo _ Kim ByungYoon


Chinese Traditional Architecture (Part II) _ Kim WangJik


2 Projects by Seung HchiohSang _ Seung HchiohSang

3 Catholic Church Projects by Kim JoongSup _ Kim JoongSup

Daechidong Building _ Kim KeeWoung


Exhibition: ’91 3rd Design Camp of Architecture



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