C3 no.81 (1991 #5/12)
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Architecture and Local Autonomy _ Ahn ByungEui


− Pyungchang-dong Residence _ Jeon JaeGuen

Works & Criticism

Yul Kok Memorial Library _ Kum JungKik + Choi TaiYong

Beauty, Purposefully Designed _ Lee BeomJae

Architect & Projects

Self Grouping for the Society and the People – Six Projects by Jung GuYong


Military Church

Hannam-dong Residence

Apgujung-dong Building

Taejeon Transport Building

Pyungchang-dong L’s Atelier

Gyewon Art High School

Interview: Jung GuYong + Park SoonKwan

Cherish Platform

To the Memory of Late Master _ Kwak JaeHwan


Reorgation of an Order in Korea Architecture, the Signs _ Do Gag

Localization and Urban Development _ Park ChanMoo

Review of Korean Modern

− French Embassy in R.O.K _ Kim JungUp

Myth, Reconsiderable _ Lee PilHoon

Architecture and Theory

Peter Collins and the Philosophy of Historical Criticism _ Lee JeongSoo

Small & Medium

− Hanshin Securities _ Kwon DoUng

− Dujin Building _ Kim JungSik + Lee SungGwan

− Dongwon Ceremony Hall _ Kim JinYoung

Architecture & CAD

AutoCAD Release 11 _ Oh DeokSoo

Introduction to CADD System for Architects (III) _ Kim TaeHyun


Paekche Style Pagoda (III) _ Cheon DeukYoum


M.P.P.C (Motion Picture Promotion Corporation) _ Kim Won

Kim Suk Chul’s Three Common Dwellings

International Moral association _ You JongOk

Daejion NADRI Department Store _ Whang BoChul



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