C3 no.75 (1990 #11/12)
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“Tradition is only unique, but it can’t be universally evaluated···” _ Lee BaeHwa


− Residence II, Gyesan-dong _ Kim ByungYoon

Works & Criticism

− Olympic Youth Hostel _ Kim SeokChul

Symbolism in Architecture _ Lee PhilHoon

− National Science Museum _ Kim SwooGeun + Kim HyungMan

Silver Gray Bound for Future _ Park SoonKwan

Special Feature: Chinese Traditional Architecture

History of Korean Traditional Architecture _ Joo NamCheol

Architectural Tour in China _ Kim SeongWoo

Seminar Review: Korea and Chinese Traditional Architecture _ Lee SangHae

Cha Keum Sung; Castle Museum _ Park EonKon

Kuhuongkwan, Undae, 13 Myung Royal Tomb _ Kim DongUk

Ancient Architecture in Daedong _ Lee WangKee

Yihwawon, Daedong Kwaneumdang, Sumsuhsung Museum _ Lee HoYeol

Daejungkaksa, Deumkangpochatap _ Kim JeeMin

Daedong City _ Jang SoonYong

Small & Medium

− Sunglim Building _ Lim JangRyul

− Geomang _ Jun SiHyung + Kim youngMin + Lee ManHee

− Hyundam Building _ Song KwangSub

Architecture & CAD

AES and CAD Management _ Hong JongChul


Architect and Client _ Son YoungWhan


Space Prize for Students

KOSID Interior Design Award

Competitions: Kongreung 1st and Bangwha 2nd District Apartments

Kim JunSung Exhibition


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