C3 no.74 (1990 #10/12)
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Joy of Designing _ Dong JeongGeun


− Kim’s House, Pyung-Chang dong _ Woo KyuSeung

− J’s Residence, Hong-Eun dong _ Woo KyungKuk

− Y’s Residence, Yeoksan-dong _ Yoon JuHun

Works & Criticism

Gumi Culture and Art Foundation _ Kim SwooGeun

Space·1986·Apocalypses _ Sung IhnSoo

Mokdong Library _ Kimm JangSeong

Formal Logic and Modern Architecture

Special Feature: House and Dwelling Space – Design of houses

Generality and Regional Characteristics in the Design of House _ Kim ByungYoon

Collective Housing of Compound Style _ Kim SukChul

Design Method in House – In Solstice _ Kim InCheurl

Openness in Dwelling Space _ Cho SungYul

Idealization of Problem Solving in House Design _ Huh BeomPal

Restoration of Essentiality _ Kim Won

Architectural Languages for the Design of Houses _ Song YongHo


Architectural Systems at the End of Chosun Feudal Age – Part V _ Kim LanKee

Architecture & CAD

Utilization of CAD System _ Kim HanJun




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