C3 no.73 (1990 #9/12)
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Desirable Architectural Culture _ Bang ChulLin

Works & Criticism

− Museum of Ewha Women’s University _ Kim JungSik

Cold Symbolism and Texture _ Lee BumJae

− K.E.P. Co., Chonnam District _ Kim JinGyun + Lee KagPyo

Symbolic Triangle of Glass _ Shin SokKyun

Special Feature: Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Deconstruction and Reconstruction _ Shin KeeChul

Modern Architecture and Democracy _ Choi ChangKyu

Institutions and Association Today and Democracy in Architecture _ Jeon YoungIl

Code of Conduct and Autonomy for Democracy _ Cho KunYoung

Who needs democratization _ Ham IhnSeon

Architectural Theory

The Crisis of Architecture and Its Inherent Transformation of Metamorphosis _ Jung KeeChul

Small & Medium

− Design Focus Building _ Kim Won

− K.E.P Co., Dong Boo Branch _ Kim KeeWung


Architectural Systems at the End of Chosun Feudal Age – Part IV _ Kim LanKee

Overseas Criticism

Three Effects – The Archigram Effects, The Hawley Effects, The London Effects _ Peter Cook

Architecture & CAD

Specialization of CAD in Architecture _ Jung DaeJin



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