C3 no.72 (1990 #8/12)
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Every Efforts in Vain _ Choi YoungJeep

Works & Criticism

− Saint Dominique Covent Hweng Sung _ Kim Won

Architecture in The Nature _ Park SoonKwan

Special Lecture: Robert Venturi

Editor’s Introduction: Venturi in Our Mind _ Park SoonKwan

Why? But, How? _ Seong InSoo

Robert Venturi & Post-Modernism as Foreign Culture _ Lee SeonKoo

Goodbye, Mr. Venturi _ Song Yul

Ultimate Sophistication _ Park HyunChan

Venturi in Ha Hwe _ Kim KyongSoo

Small & Medium

Circle as Cosmic Fundamentals – Wonbuddism Anam Temple _ Kim InCheurl

Fun of Free Form – Dooli Wedding Hall _ Jang SeYang

Architecture & CAD

Special Serial: Practical Use of CAD System

Architectural Data in CAD _ Cho MoonSang

Practical Use and Management of CAD System _ Cho HyungSup

Overseas Criticism

Hiroshima Acropolis – Three Works of Kisho Kurokawa _ Charles Jencks


Architectural Systems at the End of Chosun Feudal – Part III _ Kim LanKee



’90 Architectural Design Camp

Competition: Dongducheon Civic Center


Panel Discussion

Social Meeting

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