C3 no.65 (1990 #1/12)
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Bundang Tragedy _ Kwon HeeYong


Architect’s Ground in Architecture _ Yoon SeungJoong


−Solstice _ Kim InChul

Modern and Traditional _ Park DaeJoon

Architect & Projects: Six Projects by Kim JongSoung

Article: Architecture as Art _ Kim JongSoung

Interview: Science and Technology as ‘Zeitgeist’ _ Kim JongSoung + Park SoonKwan

Works & Criticism

−Tangsandong Catholic Church _ Kim YongSub

Church and Community _ Kim YoungSub

−Gallery Bing _ Kim Won

Against All Habituals _ Lee PhilHoon

Special Project

Aesthetics of Korean Modern Architecture, 1960 – 1988 _ Kim KyongSoo

Review of Korean Modern

Nationalism in Architecture – Architect Park DongJin _ Lee YoungBeom

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and the Turn (20): Winter _ Kim KiSeok



Supreme Court Competition

Puyo National Museum Competition

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