C3 no.64 (1989 #12/12)
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Filthy Lucre _ Kown HeeYong


Agony and Delight _ Kang CheolKu

Review of Korean Review

− Education Development Center·Sun Plaza _ Kim JungUp

Wing of Inspiration _ Lee Young


− L’s House, Chegidong _ Hur JoonGu + Kim HeungSu + Song InHo

Variation and Familiarity _ Editorial Staff

Architect & Projects

Eight Projects of GROUP·3 _ GROUP·3 Architects & Associates INC.

Interview: Partnership of Our Age _ Won ChungSoo _ Chi Soon + Kim JaHo + Lee BeomJae + Lee KwangMann + Yim ChangBok

Works & Criticism

− 103 Me Martyrs Church _ Park HoKyun + Yang YunJae

Monumentality of a Pilgrim’s Church _ Kim JeongShin

− Centennial Hall of Martyrs _ Kim JeongCheol + Kim JnGoo

Stillness of the Martyrdom and Civic Monument _ Editorial Staff

− Bong Won Church _ Kim JeongSik

Full of Life _ Kim JongHeon

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and The Turn(19): Mist _ Kim KiSeok

Review on Exhibition

The 8th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture – ’89 Judge’s Comment _ Lee KwangNo, Ahn YoungBae

Needs for the Better _ Kang KunHee


Mokgu-Hwe Seminar

Special Lecture by Prof. Lee KwangNo

Overseas Architecture

Expression of Deconstruction and Decomposition – Five Projects by Coop Himmelblau

Association of Classical Fragments – Mountain View Civic Center Competition Design by Christoper Alexander


Competitions·Thesis Summery·Exhibition·News

New Books

Architecture Drawing ’89

Architect InChul, Kim 1989

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