C3 no.59 (1989 #7/12)
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Our Present Situation _ Kwon HeeYong


A Proposal of “The Faculty of Architecture” in Korea _ Park HanKyu

Architect & Projects

Five Projects of ‘Kim Chung-Up and Associates International’ _ Kim Chung-Up and Associates International

Self-Support for Succession _ Kim HeeCho + Park SoonKwan

Review of Korean Modern

− Freedom Center _ Kim SwooGeun

Excessiveness in Form _ Koo HeeKook

Works & Criticism

− Kon-Kuk Univ. Sang-Huh Memorial Library _ Chang Suk-Woong

Familiarity in Symbolism _ Chang SukWoong + Kim MunDeuk

Study of Architect: Architect Dong JungGeun · Park YeonShim (Jang-Won Architects & Associates)

My Assertion: Theme Architecture _ Dong JungGeun · Park YeonShim

− Works: Suhwon Building · Buamdong Building · Chilseong Building · Suhwon Building II · 300/300/300

Interview: Expression of the Theme _ Dong JungGeun · Park YeonShim + Park SoonKwan

Criticism: Logical Variation in Architecture _ Kim HongKee

Overseas Architecture

Frank O. Gehry


Mokgu-Hwe Seminar

Kisho Kurokawa


New Recognition of Traditional Culture _ Chung ChungSik

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and the Turn(15): Shade _ Kim KiSeok

Small & Medium

− Benihana _ Chun TaeJin

Expression of Classical Mechanism _ Editorial Staff

− Incheon Buffet Restaurant _ Song KwangSub

Architecture and Capitalism _ Kim EungSeok


Competitions · Thesis Summary · Public Hearing · News

New Book

Architecture Drawing ’89

Architect In Chul, Kim 1989

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