C3 no.52 (1988 #12/12)
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The Fifth Republic and Architectural Situation _ Kwon HeeYong


Training of Architectural Design _ Chang EungJae

A&E Special: Everyday Life vs Monumentality of [Urban Housing] – Olympic Village

Olympic Village Design

Olympic Village

Contribution and Limitation of Seoul Olympic Village as [Urban Housing] _ Kim SangKyung

Mok Gu-Hwe Seminar

Recent Works

− Dongmyong Church _ Kim InChul

Methodological Self-reflection of the Vagueness _ Lee YongJae

− [Turebak] Building _ Kim KiSeok

Constancy and Inertia of Turebak _ Lee KongHee

− [Evas] Building _ Kim HeeGom

Incarnation _ Lee HanGi

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and the Turn(8): Procession _ Kim KiSeok

Book Review

Kim InChul: Architectural Work, 1989

Kim KiSeok: Architectural Work, 1988


Paper Architect _ Rem Koolhaas


U.I.A Seminar


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