C3 no.51 (1988 #11/12)
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Dreaming of everyone’s Peace Town _ Kwon HeeYong


Of our very Own _ Lee KagPyo

Recent Works

− Chapel of Chunglyangri _ Kim Won

Familiarness of Popularized ‘Sacred’ _ Kim EungSuk

− Kyongnam Cultural Center _ Kim Chung-Up

Place of the Public Culture _ Lee YongJae

− Pusan Cultural Center _ Lim JangYoel

Monumentality and Authority _ Lee YongJae

− K.E.P Co, Pusan Branch _ Bang ChulLin

Fantasy of the Circular _ Lee YongJae

A&E Special: Deconstruction & Reconstruction: 3. Peter Eisenman

1. Logic of the Transformation & Decomposition _ Sung IhnSoo

2. About the Work of Peter Eisenman and its Historical Context _ Jung TaeYong

3. Eisenman and Deconstruction Architecture _ Lee GwangHwan

4. Idea of Eisenman & Lee Sang _ Lee PhilHoon

Photo Essay

What's Happening in the Corner and the Turn(7) _ Kim KiSeok


Architecture and Environment in Europe

Book Review

Kim KiSeok: Architectural Work, 1988


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