C3 no.49 (1988 #9/12)
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Upon Curiosity for [The Day After]


Creative Expression & Education in Architecture _ Kim SukChul

Recent Works

Architecture of the Symmetry _ Lee YongJae

− Jin Kwang High School

Disposition upon Symmetry and Expansion _ Kim ByungYoon

− Yangjung High School _ Kim JongSeoung

Variation from Standardization _ Kim HongKee

− Kyungbok Girls Commercial High School _ Moon JeoungIl + Im HyungJae

A&E Special: Reconstruction of the Korean Modern Architecture

Review of Several Themes for the Study of Korean Modern Architecture _ Han JaeSu

Bud of Korean Modern Architecture and Historical Understanding in Socio-Economics _ Kim LanKee

Limit of Korean modern Architecture as Modernism _ Jung GiChul


Imwon Kyungje Ji(9) _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaiHoe


Project, Work, Exhibition Book News, Interview, Journal News, News


Myong-Jee University Gate Competition

Book Review

Kim KiSeok Architectural Work, 1988

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