C3 no.47 (1988 #7/12)
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Host and Guest _ Kwon HeeYong

Recent Works

Classicism & Rationalism _ Kim JongSeoung + KangHyuk

− Paradise Beach Hotel _ Kim JongSeoung

Application of Classicism Through Mies _ Ahn SungHo

Challenge for New Research _ Sung IhnSoo

− Pohang Institute of Science & Technology _ Yoon SeungJoong

Application of the Gothic Revival _ Kim KeeHwan

− Allak Catholic Church _ Kim JoongSup

A&E Special: Deconstruction & Reconstruction

2. Mario Botta

Return to the Essence _ Kim UkJoong

Mario Botta’s Historical Context _ Jung IhnHa

Mario Botta and the Expression of Locality _ Yi SunYoung

Architecture of the Image _ Christian Norberg-Schulz

Architecture of the Eternity & Locality _ Do ChangHwan


Architecture Seen as Structure(9) _ Kim UkJoong

Architecture and Environment in Europe _ Hwang DooJin

Hoved by Logic(6)

La Chapelle de Ronchamp(7)

Book Review

Kim KiSeok Architectural Work, 1988

Mu-Ae Lee KwangNo Architectural Work.


A&E Terminology Architectural Critics


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