C3 no.42 (1988 #2/12)
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Recent Works

Korea Investment Trust Co, Kae Po Branch _ Kiim ChangIl + Bang ChulLin

As a Landmark in the Apartment Complex _ Lee PhilHoon

− Mr. P’s, Phil Dong _ Kim KiSeok

Maze in a Cavern _ Lee YongJae

− Mr. H’s, Soo Yu Ree _ Kim KiSeok

Stage of Gruesome Solitude _ Lee YongJae

− Mr. J’s, Non Hyun Dong _ Kim InChul

After the Antiquity _ Lee YongJae

A&E Special: Theory of Architecture in History of Architecture II

Ledoux: ‘Architecture Parlante’ and Sign of form _ Kim KwangHyun

Durand’s Problem on ‘Utility’ _ Cho HeeChul

Camillo Sitte’s Urban Aesthetic Theory and It’s Impacts on Modern Urban Design _ Sohn SeiKwan

E.E. Viollet-Ie-Duc’s Architectural Theory and It’s Contribution to Early Modern Architecture _ Jeong YooNa


Architecture and Environment in Europe: Gothic Cathedrals in Europe _ Hwang DooJin

Imwon Kyungje Ji (Administration of Rural Life) (6) _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaeHoe



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