C3 no.41 (1988 #1/12)
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Table Talk

Recent works

− Korea First Bank Headquarters _ Yoon SoungJoong + Lee YoungHee

Sociality and Generality _ Kim HongKi

− Ahn Kuk Fie Insurance B.D _ Han SangMook + Welton Becket International

Dimensions in Architecture and Design Vocabulary _ Oh DongHee

− Francesco Education Center _ Kim Won + Choi BooDuek

A Nice Match in Jung Dong _ Lee BumJae

− Mr. K’s Ku Kee Dong _ Moon ShinKyu

A&E Special: Theory of Architecture in History of Architecture

Characteristics and Historical Consequences: Theory of Architecture _ Kang Hyuk

On Order & Orders of Vitruvius _ Kim UkJoong

Idealism of Formatic Theory _ Kim KeeHwan

Architectural Theory of Sebastiano Serlio _ Ryu JeonHee

Proportional Coordination, Strict Hierarchy and Tradic Composition ··· _ Koh SeongLyong

View: Preservation or Demolition

Demolition or Restoration in Some Other Place? _ Kim KeeHwan

About Preservation of Cultural Properties _ Kim DongWook


Imwon Kyungje Ji (Administration of Rural Life) (5) _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaeHoe

Overseas Information



A&E Terminology

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