C3 no.40 (1987 #12/12)
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Authorization of Illegal Buildings and the General Election _ Kwon HeeYong


Post-Modernism _ Song MinKoo

A&E Special: Le Corbusier on the Occasion of 100th Anniversary of Birth

Architectural Logic in Relative World _ Chung MannYoung

On Corbusier’s Urban Utopia as a Yesterdays City of Future _ Chang SungSoo

Displacement of Concepts in Le Corbusier _ Alan Coquhoun

Corbusier, His Spirit as a Moving Arrow Penetrating Through Past and the Present _ Lee PhilHOon

Le Corbusier and Kim JoongUp _ Shin SukKyun

Korean Reception of Le Corbusier and It’s Issues _ Shim YoungSub

Overseas Information

Chandigarh Revisited _ Robert Maass

Le Corbusier as Structural Engineer _ Werner Seligmann

Architecture & Criticism

Bank and the City _ Kang Hyuk

Recent Works

− Chang Ahn Pyung B.D _ Kang SukWon

− Bethel Presbyterian Church _ Choi YoungJeep

− Dr. J’s, Sung Pook Dong _ Kim KiSeok

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and the Turn(2) _ Kim KiSeok


Imwon Kyungje Ji(Administration of Rural Life)(4) _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaeHoe

’87 IBA Review(1) _ Kang ByoungKuen

Hagia Sophia and San Vitale; Two Pearls of Byzantine Architecture _ Hwang DooJin


Inaugural Meeting of Young Architects Conference

Exhibition Review

The 6th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture

Design Review At the 6th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture _ Park ChanMoo


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