C3 no.39 (1987 #11/12)
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One Brilliant Residence ··· _ Kwon HeeYong

A&E Special

Urban Renewal Review

• Neither Head nor Tail _ Lee GunYoung

• Urban Renewal and Design _ Pak ChanMoo

• Urban Renewal in the Point of Economy _ Cho JoongRae

• Cultural Conflict in Urban Redevelopment _ Lee HeeBong

• Case Study on Urban Renewal

(1) Case of Eulchiro Redevelopment Plan _ Pak ChanHeung

(2) Design Approach to Urban Renewal Project and the Creation of Local Culture _ Kim SangKyung

(3) Case: Urban Renewal in Japan _ Yeom HyungMin

(4) International Building Exhibition Berlin (IBA) 1987 _ Yang DongYang

• Desirable Urban Architecture

(1) Making the Heart of Our City Seoul More Walkable, More Livable for Everyone _ Cho DaiSung

(2) Reflections of Downtown Seoul _ Yoo Kerl

(3) For Better Street Scene of Seoul _ Kim WooSung

(4) Desirable Appearance and Atmosphere of City _ Ahn KunHyuck

(5) Downtown for Incidental Activity _ Kim KeeHo

Photo Essay

What’s Happening in the Corner and the Turn(1) _ Kim KeeSuk

Recent Works

− The Independence Hall _ Kim KeeWoong

− Allen Memorial Hall, Yon-Sei Univ. _ Kim ChangIl + Yang JinHwang

Confirmation of Commemorativeness and Availability _ Kim ByungYoon

− Paradise Building _ Lee WonPyo

Entrance as Ornamental Element

− Kee Sun Chang _ Kim InChul


Architecture Seen as Structure(7) _ Kim UkJoong

Chinese Architecture and Design(5) _ Lee WangKee

Overseas Information

The Golden Age _ Kurt Andersen


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