C3 no.38 (1987 #10/12)
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‘Our Language’ _ Kwon HeeYong

A&E Special I

Understanding of Contemporary Korean Architecture

Progressive View of Architectural Tradition in Korea _ Pak TaeKeun

Liquidate Architectural Hypothesis _ Yi IlHoon

Bureaucraticism in Architecture _ Ahn ByoungEui

A Discussion for the Establishment of Disciplinary Norm in Contemporary Korean Architecture _ Lee SangHae

Toward the Language of Contemporary Korean Architecture _ Kim KyungSoo

A&E Special II

Korean Folkhouses

Formation and the Process of Change of Folkhouses _ Kim ChungKee

Folkhouses in Che Joo Island _ Kang HaengSaeng

Meaning of Folkhouses for Today’s Dwelling Space Plan _ Kim KeeSuk

Recent Works

− Chung Joo National Museum _ Kim SooKeun

Another Space of Group Space Embosomed in Nature _ Pak SohHyun

− K.E.P Co. _ Kim InChul + Aum·Lee Architects

− Piety Garden _ Pak YoungHo

No Line to Toe _ Lee YongJae

Overseas Architecture Criticism

A Provocative Architecture? _ Geert Bekaert

The University Hospital Center _ Charles Vandenhove

Architecture and Environment in Europe

Acropolis: In Search for the Origin of Western Architecture(1) _ Hwang DooJin


Imwon Kyungje Ji(3) _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaeHoe


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