C3 no.37 (1987 #9/12)
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To the Best of Ability _ Kwon HeeYong


The Theory of Architecture and Hypothesis _ Choi ChangKew

A&E Special

Understanding of Contemporary Korean Architecture

Understanding of Contemporary Korean Architecture _ Lee HoChin

Internationalism in Korean Architecture Today _ Pak KilLyong

The Tendency of Expressionist Architecture in Korea _ Huh YoungJoo

Discords and Directions of Receiving Post-Modern Architecture _ Sohn SeiKwan

Neo-Rationalism and the Methodology of Its Application _ Kim WonGap

Criticism Award

The First A&E Criticism Award

The Independence Hall: Wooden-Horse of Backward Bound Utopia _ Kim EungSuk

Typology in European Architecture and the Way of its Application _ Kim KeonHwan

Nature of Ancient Korean Architecture Analogized from design Concept _ Chung SungHyun

Application and Modification of Western Theory in Korea _ Pak SohHyun


− Choon Chun Children’s Center _ Kim SooKeun

− Tae Han Paper Co. Headquarters _ Lee KeePum

About Essential Meaning of Architecture _ Lee HanJong

Seminar & Exhibition

A Phase of the Architectural Culture in Korea _ Kim LanKee

Why?: Toward a Raison d’Etie in Architecture _ Hwang DooChin


A Movement of Young Architects for Another Association

Expectation for Young Architects” Council _ Song MinKoo

About Young Architects’ Council _ Kim SukChul


Imwon Kyungje Ji _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaeHoe


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