C3 no.36 (1987 #8/12)
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Secret in the Dark _ Kwon HeeYong

A&E Special: Korean Folkhouses

A Concept of Folkhouses _ Kang YoungWhan

Anthropological Study on Folkhouses _ Lee KwangKyu

Geographical Study on Korean Folkhouses _ Chang BoWoong

Traditional Folkhouses in the Southern Part of Korea _ Kim IlJIn

A Study on the Traditional Folkhouses in Kwan-Dong Region _ Ryu SeungYong

Common Housings in the Islands off the Coast of Chun Nam Province and Their Characteristics in Form and Space _ Kim KwangOn

For the Succession of the Study on Korean Folkhouses _ Cho YoungHoon

Overseas Contemporary

Looking from the Future Into the Immediate Past


High-Tech Architecture(III) _ Tack YoungSook

Chinese Architecture and Design(4) _ Lee WangKee

Imwon Kyungje Ji _ Kim SungWoo + Ahn DaeHoe

Overseas Architecture and Criticism

Story in Kaleidoscope _ Yuzuru Tominaga

− Maki’s Spiral Art Center


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