C3 no.35 (1987 #7/12)
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‘Gonna Build a Humble Cottage··· ‘ _ Kwon HeeYong

A&E Special: Revival of Modern Architecture

Only the Organic Architecture and Vernacular Architects _ Chang SungSoo

Lutyen’s Architecture and It’s Influence on Modern House _ Choi MoonGyu

Korea Architecture in 1920 and Nowadays _ Lee SangHeon

Architecture and Criticism

Contrast and Harmony in Shape and Concept _ Park TaeKeun

Recent Works

− Christian World _ Choi YoungJeep

Christian World – 16 Stories Stupa _ Jang KeeSung

− Star Born House _ Kim KeeWhan

Tradition Review

Two Confucian Schools in Taejeon Hweduk & Chinjam Confucian Schools _ Lee WangKee

Special Feature: Ten Selected Traditional Housings

Preservation of Traditional Architecture _ Moon YoungBin

Ten Selected Traditional Housings


Architecture Seen as Structure(6) – On Relational Character(2) _ Kim UkJoong

Overseas Architecture and Criticism

− Manhattan’s Javit’s Center _ Mitchell B.Rouda

− Conrad Sulzer Regional Library _ Nora Richer Greer

− New York Public Library _ Sharon Lee Ryder

Overseas Information Show Room

Show Room

Korea International Construction Exhibition


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