C3 no.34 (1987 #6/12)
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“Healthy Patients” _ Kwon HeeYong

A&E Special: Revival of Modern Architecture

Studies on the Theories and Works of New York 5, Viewpoint of Neo-Corbusian _ Kim HongKee

Second Stage of Modernism and Neo-Constructivism _ Kim WonGaff

Art Deco in Our Time _ Kim MoonDuk

The Architecture of Italian Rationalism in Perspective _ Kim SangKil

Recent Works

− Kolon Woo-Jung-Kwan _ Choi KwanYoung

Formal Message with Collective Simbol Pattern _ Lee Wook

− “D” Low Rise Housing _ Cho YongSik + Kwak SungMoon

Hill Housing Design in “D” _ Hwang InJae

− The Bank of Korea, Mokpo Branch _ Kim KeeWoung

In Pursuit of Variation in Standardization _ Jung HakKyun

− Suwon City Hall _ Yim JangRyeol

Traces of Classicism······ Honghyunmoom _ Choi MyungChan


A Survey on the Upper-Class Residence in the Late Cho-Sun Dynasty(3) _ Choi Il + Kim BongRyeol

Architecture Seen as Structure(5) _ Kim UkJoong

Chinese Architecture and Design(3) _ Lee WangKee

Architecture and Environment in Egypt(4) _ Woo KyungKook

Overseas Information

Four Overseas Museums


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