C3 no.183 (1999 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

On the Recording of Architectural Reality _ SangHae Lee

HongSik Kim

National Architecture in Global Age _ HongSik Kim

HongReung Forest Science Center

Interview: An Architecture Attempt to Secure Cultural Identity _ HongSik Kim + JongKun Lee

YoungIl Lee

Identity in Architecture _ YoungIl Lee

Interview: Adaptation of Modernism _ YoungIl Lee + SungWoo Kim

− D – island House

− Sekime Community Hall I

− Sekime Community Hall II

− Gallery FuTaBa

− Honzawa Shop

− Masunaga House

Note on Architecture

Fees for the Professional Practice _ JeongKeun Lee

Kauffmann Theilig & Partner

− Rehabilitation Clinic and Health Spa, Bad Colberg

− Volksbank Building, Pforzheim

− New Emtry to IHK Office Buildings, Stuttgart

− One-family House, Stuttgart

Interior The Music Company _ HyungGug Cho


The 18th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture

House & Garden

Contemporary Japanese Architecture 1985-1996

Architecture and Art


International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa ’99


The 1st TaeJoo Competition of Lighting Design & Idea


ShinPyungRo Church, PuSan

Cycle Racing Training Center, YoungJoo

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