C3 no.181 (1999 #9/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Time of Campaign to Protect the Cultural Environment _ SangHae Lee

EunYoung Yi

Criticism: Timeless Basic Form _ Marc Hirschfell

− Library 21, Stuttgart

− Kleiner Schlossplatz, Stuttgart

− Congress Center, Rome

− Extension of Düsseldorf Fair

− Catholic Museum of St. Kolumba Köln

− Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Köln

− Central Station Area, Potsdam

C3 DESIGN 15th Anniversary Special

Discussion: A Serious Seeking on Architecture Education

Kaira, lahdelma, Mahlamäki

− The Centre of Folk Art, Kaustinen

− Soininen Comprehensive School, Helsinki

− 4th Phase of Tampere University of Technology

− Misteli Day-care Centre, Vantaa


SaeHan D&M Gallery & Office _ JungHoon Choi, KyungHoon Lee

Meme, Forachange _ HoWoo Nam, JooWon Kim

Note on Architecture

Two Points of View on the Architecture of the 21st Century _ JeongKeun Lee


Vulnerable Arts, Formidable Code

Urban Design

No Scenic City without Blueprint


JuBuk housing

Fancy Dance

Modernization of Tradition


KangBuk Small Library

Sports Complex, Univ. of UlSan

Youth Culture Center, KeoJe

KyeSoo Primary School

GeumDang Primary School

KyungAm Primary School

BuPyung Subway Station Plaza

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